Evolution 15-37 KW Flyer

Evolution 15-37 KW Flyer

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Evolution 15-37 KW Flyer

Evolution “ rotary screw air compressors are designed to provide ease of operation, low maintenance and reliable air supply. When you choose Evolution“, you have selected the compressor rated highly for its performance and reliability.

Each new feature of the Evolution”" rotary screw air compressor contributes to an overall design that answers your concerns with real-world advantages in performance and value.

Value for Money

Designed with advanced technology to produce more volume of air, makes it a cost effective solution.

Long Life Synthetic Ultra Coolant

Biodegradable synthetic ultra coolant with 8,000 hours long life help you to reduce maintenance cost and increase productivity.

Advanced Cooling

Optimally designed blower reduces power cost by eliminating the need for extra fan motor and provides efficient cooling in 46°C ambient environment.

One Stop Solution

Complete solution for compressor and accessories including air receivers, air dryers and air filters.

Advanced Microprocessor Controller

Electronic display lets you monitor Package discharge pressure, Total hours run, Maintenance timer, Fault indicator, Flashing LED at 10 °/o remain and service overdue warning for ease of operation and trouble free maintenance.

Dual-Control Operation

Reliable and effective load/no-load control with automatic stop and restart facility for maximum flexibility.

Ease of Serviceability

All key maintenance components have been grouped to provide ease of serviceability.

Quick Service Support

Evolution” offers a wide network of certified and well trained technicians and engineers capable of supporting you with cost effective service solutions to keep your compressed air system at peak performance.