NL Module

NL Module

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NL Module

The Top-Performing filter

Ingersoll Rand’s NL Module is the best long-term buy in compressed air filtration. It provides true oil-free air while requiring virtually no maintenance or added cost for throwaway filter elements. Its high- quality design means no system downtime from premature failure of poorly constructed elements.

The NL Module is a self-cleaning, coalescing-type filter separator designed to remove oil and water aerosols with a minimum of pressure drop. Its special fiberglass filtration system is capable of removing aerosol down to .5 parts per million by weight.

This reliable, remarkably efficient filter offers the following


  • The unique pleated element design results in element life of up to 3 years under normal service.
  • Based on field experience, expected pressure drop after 3 years is approximately 1.0 psig.
  • It collects particles greater than 3 microns at 100% efficiency and filters out particles down to 0.1 microns at 99.98% efficiency.
  • Non-Lube Module Data: 99.99999% D.0.P Efficiency.
  • Removes oil and water liquid/mist down to 0.5 PPM by weight.